Je commence à penser que les trans sont des malades mentaux ou du moins qu’il y a pas mal de crétins dans le lot !

Travesti, transgenre, transsexual


Pourquoi ?

Et bien je poste ceci :


I think that sexual fantasy is the best way to tell if you are trans 


Why ?


Because in the fantasy you are free. Nobody will make fun of you or tell you are a freak. So the social stigma is lower.


The fantasy is under the control of the DRIVE. You can not change the drive and the drive does not lie.

By sexual fantasy I do not mean a fantasy in a list of fantasies you find exciting like sex in a car or sex with 2 people.


I mean THE fantasy. What is ALWAYS here. The image without which you can NOT come or even not think about sex.


In my case I NEVER see myself with a dick in my fantasy. I am always a female, I have a pussy and I am penetrated or touched by a hairy man (most of time with no face).


I think that this is a strong sign that I am trans and at least 1 of my 2 shrinks agrees that people with a gender that is masculin do not see themselves as women in their fantasies.


In real life I feel MUCH better in bed with a man in the woman’s bottom role than with a woman in the top man’s role. Actually I have NO drive to use my dick to penetrate anyone and had sex with women mostly because I was in love with them.


I was also virgin till 22 with women (despite many women wanted me as I was looking good and I was intelligent) without feeling bad (never kissed anyone before !) and started sex with men at 33 only to be able to be a woman in bed because in my fantasy I am a woman. Now, after 10 years of sex with men, I would like to be in love with man but I do not feel attracted by men, I am rather auto-erotic or may be my male body is a problem to meet men and to love them. I suspect that I do not like to see naked men because I see myself, I see what I do NOT want to be.


What do you think of that ?



Et je me fais virer du site !!!!!

En gros, chez les trans, il y a une pensée unique : celle qui consiste à parler le moins possible de sexe car genre et sexualité ca n’a selon la ligne directrice des associations trans RIEN à voir !

Si on parle de sexe comme de quelque chose lié au genre alors on est qualifié de cis sexist et de personne qui ne pige rien !

Si genre et fantasme sexuel  n’a rien à voir, alors pourquoi se couper la bite sachant que la bite a 2 fonctions : pisser et baiser !

Qui a envie de pisser assis ? Pas ceux qui y sont obligés ! Pas les femmes, elles aimeraient pisser debout quand c’est plus pratique de pisser debout !

Si on se coupe la bite c’est qu’en fantasme on a une chatte et qu’on veut pouvoir avoir une sexualité réelle qui colle avec la sexualité en fantasme.

Sinon pourquoi se couper la bite ?  Pour porter des slips moulants ?